Today Tonight Nail Salon Investigation

Below I have included a Channel 7 video from the Today Tonight program which featured the hygiene standards of nail salons in Australia.

Unfortunately, I have seen first hand the damage these nail salons can do to your feet with a couple of my patients experiencing some terrible side effects. 

If you are considering visiting a nail salon, make sure that you ask what type of sterilisation they conduct on their nail treatment equipment.

In a Podiatry clinic, sterilisation occurs on equipment after every single patient as per health regulations.

This is what your Podiatrist must do by the law. A Podiatry clinic will steralise with an Autoclave.

If a nail salon is not using an Autoclave, the risk of obtaining a fungal infection increases substantially. 

A Podiatrist is able to professional treatments for your toenails.

Whilst a Podiatrist won't paint your nails, you can be at least assured that you won't contract a fungal infection after a visit. 

If you have any experiences with nail salons please feel free to include them below.



Those places are really gross. I cant believe they do that with your feet!

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