Summer Footwear Options for Problem Feet

Summer Footwear Shoes AustraliaSummer can be a really tricky time for people who wear orthotics or arch supports.

This is due to the limited summer footwear options that will accommodate orthotics.

The good news is shoe companies are aware of this and more options are available than ever before.


Shoe Brands to look out for Summer..

  • Orthaheel - Available from most good Podiatry clinics, Active Feet or The Athletes Foot, they have a variety of colours and styles with a built up arch. This may be very similar to your existing orthotics depending on your particular needs. [Orthaheel website
  • Birkenstock - Available from various retailers that can be found at Hundreds of different styles and colors with different widths and levels of support. Can also be modified to match the contour of your orthotics if required. [Birkenstock website]
  • Ziera - Previously known as Kumfs, Ziera make fashionable and comfortable sandals with removable innersoles to accommodate your orthotics. [Ziera website
  • Ecco, Merrell, Keen - All available from specialty shoes stores and have various levels of cushioning and support. Try different options to see what feels best on your feet. [Ecco, Merrell, Keen website]

Whilst rubber thongs can be very comfortable, that don't really work if you need to the arch support. If you need to wear thongs, just save them for wearing to and from the beach! Wearing thongs can exacerbate many different foot and lower limb conditions. Whilst they may feel relatively comfortable to wear they are increasing your likelihood of osteoarthritic changes later in life. Limit your wear in flat and flexible thongs and sandals as much as possible!

Place any questions you have below in the comments, Leah.

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