Podiatrist Pre Pointe Work Assessments for Ballet Dancers

Podiatrist for Ballet Dancer Foot ProblemsWhat is Ballet Pre-Pointe work?

  • DANCERS will usually begin Pointe work after at least 5 years of classical ballet training, at which point it is assumed they will have adequate technical ability to dance en Pointe.

Why should you have a Ballet Pre-Pointe work assessment?

Ballet Pre-Pointe Work assessments are important for all dancers prior to commencing Pointe work to ensure they have adequate strength, control and technique to dance en Pointe without increasing the risk of injury.

Pointe shoes put a great amount of stress on the lower leg and foot. I can assess the structure and technical functioning of the young dancer’s foot to ensure they are ready to commence Pointe work.

What does a Podiatrist's Ballet Pre-Pointe Assessment cover? 

The assessment covers the following sections:

  • Dance history - years of dancing, styles, exams, previous injuries etc.
  • Foot structure
  • Muscle strength and flexibility
  • Lower leg alignment
  • Functional Assessment

I have received additional training to perform these assessments. And I understand the extreme movements and positions required from when I did dancing and gymnastics as a child.

I can also treat any dance related foot and lower limb injuries including ingrown toenails, corns, callous, blisters, warts and any other foot or ankle injuries. If I think necassary, I will refer you to a specialized dance physiotherapists and Pilates instructors.


Ballet Feet Injuries?

  • A Podiatrist can treat foot injuries sutained by Ballet dancers. Leah has experience treating ballet dancer injuries and was a dancer herself as a child. 



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