Podiatry Services

Ballet Dancers Pre Pointe Assessment Gait/Running Treadmill Video Analysis
Children's Feet Assessments General Podiatry, Foot Pains and Foot Care
Diabetes Foot Care and Management Orthotic Prescription and Alterations
Dry Needling Oxfam TrailWalker Team Preparation
Footwear Prescription and Advice for All Feet Sports Injury Management and Assessment
Further Investigation and Referrals to Specialists Surgical Podiatry

Skeleton foot being held by a podiatristPODIATRISTs training allows them to be able to offer a wide variety of services, for a number of foot concerns.

Leah can assist with advice and management with all these services she provides.

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Leah Waters Podiatrist MelbourneWritten by Leah Waters

Leah Waters is a Podiatrist and founder of Pivotal Podiatry Clinic, a Melbourne based Podiatry Clinic.

You can find Leah on Google+ and Facebook. Leah made this website to help people understand more about Podiatry. To read more about Leah click here.

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