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Chiropodist treating foot problemsIs it difficult to find a Chiropodist (or Podiatrist) in your area of Melbourne?

Trying to decide if you need to see a Chiropodist or a Podiatrist?

Well we can let you in on a little secret.......Podiatrists and Chiropodists are the same thing now!

In Australia, before 1977, Podiatrist were known as Chiropodists. It was decided that the official name should be changed to Podiatrist; to reflect the increase in educuation and range of services provided by Chiropodists(Podiatrists).

Lots of my patients still call a Podiatrist, a Chiropodist, I don't mind. But it can make it difficult to find a Melbourne Chiropodist if you don't use the word 'podiatrist' in your google searches.

Podiatrist perform the same foot services as Chiropodists previously did. So your Podiatrist will be more than happy to help you out with your foot problems.

Our Melbourne Podiatry Clinic is called Pivotal Podiatry. We are located on the corner of Nepean Highway and South Road in Hampton East. And we would be glad to treat your foot problems. To make an appointment please call 03 9939 3339 or make an online appointment request here

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Leah Waters Podiatrist MelbourneWritten by Leah Waters

Leah Waters is a Podiatrist and founder of Pivotal Podiatry Clinic, a Melbourne based Podiatry Clinic.

You can find Leah on Google+ and Facebook. Leah made this website to help people understand more about Podiatry. To read more about Leah click here.

To make an appointment call (03) 9939 3339.


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