Ideas for the creating the perfect Podiatry Clinic Name

Ideas for Podiatry Clinic NamesWow – it’s been a busy, busy month! It feels like I have been working every second of every day.

You see, next month I open my very first Melbourne Podiatry Clinic [more information about that soon]. After working as a Podiatrist for many years, for some really great people, I decided the timing and opportunity were right for me to open my very own clinic. I’ve agreed to rent a room, in an already established Physiotherapy Clinic, which is in close proximity to the local shops and a doctor’s surgery. This way it’s a little less scary than going completely out on my own.

So I have been busy deciding which chair to buy, comparing prices of podiatry medical suppliers, reading about the different types of sterilising equipment and looking at all the cool office furniture you can get!

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Chiropodist treating foot problemsIs it difficult to find a Chiropodist (or Podiatrist) in your area of Melbourne?

Trying to decide if you need to see a Chiropodist or a Podiatrist?

Well we can let you in on a little secret.......Podiatrists and Chiropodists are the same thing now!

In Australia, before 1977, Podiatrist were known as Chiropodists. It was decided that the official name should be changed to Podiatrist; to reflect the increase in educuation and range of services provided by Chiropodists(Podiatrists).

Don't Be Afraid to Show Your Feet This Summer: Learn How to Get Your Feet Looking Great!

feet in the waterSpring is well and truly here and summer is not far away!

As the weather improves and the mercury rises our feet come out of hibernation and into the sunshine!

If you are anything like most people, your feet have been hidden away in socks and boots all winter, and spring can be a bit daunting when it comes to your feet.

As we pull our summer favourites out of the wardrobe, out too come pretty strappy sandals and open toed pumps.

Are you embarrassed to get your feet out due to unsightly nails, hard or dry skin?

Now is the time to get them sorted prior to the party season so you can step out with your best foot forward.

Today Tonight Nail Salon Investigation

Below I have included a Channel 7 video from the Today Tonight program which featured the hygiene standards of nail salons in Australia.

Unfortunately, I have seen first hand the damage these nail salons can do to your feet with a couple of my patients experiencing some terrible side effects. 

If you are considering visiting a nail salon, make sure that you ask what type of sterilisation they conduct on their nail treatment equipment.

In a Podiatry clinic, sterilisation occurs on equipment after every single patient as per health regulations.

This is what your Podiatrist must do by the law. A Podiatry clinic will steralise with an Autoclave.

If a nail salon is not using an Autoclave, the risk of obtaining a fungal infection increases substantially. 

A Podiatrist is able to professional treatments for your toenails.

Whilst a Podiatrist won't paint your nails, you can be at least assured that you won't contract a fungal infection after a visit. 

If you have any experiences with nail salons please feel free to include them below.


Podiatrist Reveals 9 Different Ways To Prevent Smelly Feet

Treatment for Smelly FeetHaving smelly feet can be a really embarrassing probelm to have!

But don't stress...

...if you suffer from smelly feet there are a few things you can do that can make a really big difference.

Often it is not actually your feet that smell bad, but your shoes and socks, as they soak up all your sweat!


  • Sweaty or Smelly feet (Bromhidrosis) are a really common condition. Basically when your feet sweat a lot, it allows bacteria to form on the surface of your skin. Which can cause an odour.


How to Avoid Sore Feet at The Races - Podiatrist Reveals Secrets


After the huge response I got from my “Foot Survival Guide” last year.. I have decided to do the same again with a few extra hints and tips. Enjoy the Spring Racing Carnival and don’t let sore feet spoil your day!

THE MELBOURNE Spring Racing Carnival is now just around the corner and women all over Melbourne are searching for the perfect outfit and matching headwear. This is an exciting time of year in Melbourne when we start to feel the warmth of the sun again after a wet and windy winter. The roses are blooming at Flemington and everyone is gearing up for the party season. What a beautiful time of year!



Leah Waters Podiatrist MelbourneWritten by Leah Waters

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